knowledge bennett

(Asbury Park, NJ, b. 1976).

Knowledge Bennett collides minimalist and abstract aesthetic techniques with inquisitive concerns about healing, spirituality, and a conscious craving for the sublime. His current aesthetic practice has brought forth an introspective contemplation of life and death, that has expanded into the canvas surface. Bennett is seeking an almost restorative approach to cataloging thy self as a way to inventory that which is of true importance to the human experience via aesthetics.

Influenced by the rich art history and various Post-War American movements such as abstract expressionism, color field painting, and pop art, Bennett’s artwork displays a purposeful familiarity yet possesses a deeper and more meaningful conceptual understanding. Until recently Bennett was Immersed in modes of mechanical reproduction, by which he created artworks that pinned the contemporary sociological understanding of political and ideological tensions.

Currently living and working out of Los Angeles.

I’ve always thought it to be the responsibility of an artist to help restore a degree of dignity, integrity, and sense of humanity. At the core of my practice, I seek to engage, enlighten and inspire.
— Knowledge Bennett