red carpet • july 13, 2019 • 8pm-12Am

The KNOW Contemporary is proud to introduce LA-based Stinson Haus’ Atelier capsule collection of Haute Couture; a premier clothing line gone rogue that is tough and confident, with a subtle sexiness. 

Stinson Haus' creations are a product of a rich history of transcendence, amalgamated with a confident, seductive, rebellious, yet disruptive style. Brea Star founded Stinson Haus in 2014 and currently serves as Creative Director for the same. This experience will highlight the work that has lead to up to this moment, as well as glimpses of what’s to come. Her vision is to produce couture that is gender fluid, by being confident, moody, rebellious, lawless, edgy, and intriguing. Stinson Haus' collection exclusively features contemporary attire that instigates prevalent vogue with punk-infused, avant-garde concepts which effortlessly serve as armor for the individual who wears them. 

On view July 13 - 20


Every time I witness my designs go from sketch to stage, there’s this unexplainable rush…
it’s the most humbling and wonderful thing in the world
— Brea Stinson
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
— Joseph Chilton Pearce
Brea Stinson is a fashion genius.
— Coveteur