Untitled (three by twelve), 2019

By Knowledge Bennett

Mixed media on canvas •36 x 144 in •91.5 x 365.8 cm

Through black, Bennett explores the push and pull of light as it gleams across the surface of the canvas. Black is brought to life by light as Pierre Soulages stated, “When light is reflected on black, it transforms and transmutes it." Like Soulages, Bennett too plays with the luminosity of the light absorbing non-color; a rejection of the theory that black itself is stagnant.

As with color and light, Bennett plays with the concept of size and scale. Like Abstract Expressionists or muralist he allows the viewer to move across his work with the light, simultaneously questioning how the laws of architecture and composition often associating height with greater value and forgetting that to maintain height a strong base is needed to hold any structure.

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